Forward together.

The CarbonSync Alliance Network is comprised of business and technology partners who share our vision to bring breakthrough renewable energy solutions to people around the globe.

Current members include:

Ankur Scientific, has been in the waste to energy field since 1986 and is the leading global manufacturer of gasification systems for converting various wastes streams into green electricity and heat. Over 1,000 projects have been executed by the Company in over 35 countries.

One GlobeĀ® Corporation

One GlobeĀ® Corporation, is a sustainable infrastructure company that specializes in improving the world by building on our universal cornerstones Economy, Ecology, and Equality, through Evolutionary ACTION. One Globe aggregates global resources and connects the critical components required to deploy our world-changing business model, groundbreaking systemic approach, and proven replicable and scalable development models to drive long-term prosperity.