Developing our own projects from concept to ribbon cutting.

CarbonSync seeks to build, own and operate (BOO) electricity generating projects in the 1~10 Megawatt range (MWe). Typically, no up-front investment is required from the utility or local government. 

Together with our Alliance Partners, we support site selection and development; technology selection and procurement; risk mitigation and management, and plant operations.

Global investment in biomass gasification has never been higher, driven by policy initiatives such as the European “Green Gas Initiative”. Gasification offers advantages over competing technologies in the processing of a variety of feedstocks into green energy and heat – including a much lower emissions profile, feedstock flexibility, and higher operating efficiencies.

Current Projects

Pre-development work is underway for several waste-to-energy projects in the Caribbean basin utilizing gasification technology to produce electricity and heat from municipal solid waste, biomass, and industrial waste streams. More details available on a confidential basis.  

We are interested in joint venture project development with developers, landowners, feedstock owners, and energy providers.